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Dream Flower Earrings - Sterling Silver and Amethyst
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These Dream Flower Earrings were handcrafted in Nepal from sterling sliver and amethyst gemstones. Height: 1 1/4" Dimensions: approx. 1.25" long...
Hand-Painted Wooden Earrings
$16.00  $8.99
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These elegant earrings are hand painted in a floral pattern of blue, white, and silver. The painted beads are accented with polished silver resin...
Handmade Copper Earrings - Lovebirds
$29.99  $24.95
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Lovebirds are sociable and affectionate. Mating pairs such as these are often known to spend long periods of time sitting and singing together. Their...
Inlaid Polished Stone Earrings with Alpaca Silver
$21.99  $19.99
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These beautifully handcrafted drop earrings feature highly polished stone set in alpaca silver. They are handmade in Mexico by rural women artisans...
Paisley Filigree Earrings - Sterling Silver with Turquoise
$32.49  $29.99
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These handcrafted sterling silver chandelier earrings have a paisley motif and are accented with turquoise. Approximately 2" long. Dimensions: 2"...
Starburst Round Glass Earrings
$24.99  $19.99
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These handcrafted glass earrings feature a white and blue starburst design. 3/4 inch in diameter Fair Trade
Sterling Silver and Garnet Earrings
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Beautifully handcrafted sterling silver earrings accented with garnet beads. Approximatley 2 1/2" long. Dimensions: 2.5" long Materials: sterling...
White Rose Earrings
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These romantic white rose earrings are sculpted out of natural resin beads. They are also hypo-allergenic. Made of resin and alloy 2" long Fair...