Vases & Planters

Adinkrahene West African Sand Vase
Adinkra are visual symbols used by the Akan people of West Africa, to represent popular beliefs, themes and events. Three concentric circles...
Bamboo Wrapped Green Ceramic Vase
Handmade by the ethnic hill tribe Kinh of Bat Trang, this bamboo and green ceramic vase is 8 inches tall with a diameter of 8 inches. Fair Trade,...
Ceramic Pot with Fulani Lid
This beautiful ceramic jar is handcrafted by rural Ewe women in the Kpando District of Ghana. The unique lid was inspired by the earrings...
Gourd Shaped Ceramic Vase
This handcrafted gourd shaped ceramic vase is 8 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. The piece is made by the ethnic hill tribe Kinh of Bat Trang in...
Green Soapstone Vase
This vase creates a beautiful base for fresh or dried flower arrangements. The vase is hand carved by Gusii artisans in western Kenya and hand dyed...
Michael Nowack Art Pottery Green Stoneware Vase
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This 8 1/4" tall stoneware vase by Michael Nowack features a glossy running glaze of blue and red over a matte green base color. Lead free, microwave...
Vietnamese Tall Bamboo Wrapped Charcole Black Ceramic Vase 15.5"
This stylish vase is handmade in Vietnam by the ethnic hill tribe Kinh of Bat Trang in kilns that are over 500 years old. The charcoal black ceramic...
Indonesian Mahogany Wood Vase - Hand Carved Floral Design
This beautiful mahogany wood vase is first turned then hand carved with a floral design. It is 5 1/2" high with a 3 1/2" opening and a 25 1/2"...